Star Empery Debug analyzer testing product.....

PCI + LTP, For desk PC & notebook PC POST debug Analyzer card

A shortcut to all your hardware problems. Plug in to the PCI slot or LPT port(desk PC or notebook PC) and it will conduct a complete hardware diagnostic test to detect the defective hardware. 

A shortcut to all your hardware problems! Just plug into the PCI or LPT+USB port and it will conduct a 
complete hardware diagnostic test to detect the defective hardware in no time!

The purpose of the debug card is to make the difficult troubleshooting procedure easier and quicker. 
This debugging card will assist any technicians (from novice to advance users) in accurately and 
conveniently locating their hardware problems faster, cutting down the troubleshooting time 
drastically simply by displaying an easy to follow POST (Power On Self Test) code on its display.

Installation Guide:
Quick and easy to install into an open PCI or LPT+USB port of your PC motherboard.
Easy to read LED Display on the Display.
Will assist in revealing where problem is while troubleshooting.
Can be used to identify whether CPU or motherboard is defective.
Will help to determine if the memory is faulty.
Able to pinpoint whether the Video card is problematic.
5 LEDs that can hint whether power supply is failing.
Simple to follow POST Code table for problem description.
Drastically reduce troubleshooting time.
Helpful to both Novices and Experienced users alike. 

dual 7bit LEDs: POST CODE present, Two dot display IRDY BIOS reading BIOS present and RESET signal 
-12 LED : -12V power present
+12 LED : +12V power present 
CLK LED : CLK signal present
FRAME LED: FRAME signal present
3.3V LED : 3.3V Standby power present

All have PCI and LPT+USB of desk PC and notebook PC.

WARRANTY Quality: 1 YEAR (haven't include the transportation fare)

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